Airport Courier Services

To help achieve our goal of satisfying any courier request at any time, Classic Couriers has become TSA certified. This means that Classic Couriers and our TSA certified staff have undergone training established by the TSA and meet or exceed all TSA requirements.

With our TSA certification, certified Classic Courier employees can pick up and deliver packages directly to the airport counter and beyond.

We can make same-day courier pick-ups and deliveries to any local airport in the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles area at any time of day. This includes Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Ontario International Airport, Bob Hope Airport, Long Beach Airport (LGB), John Wayne Airport (SNA), Palmdale Regional Airport (PMD) and Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) and any other airport in Southern California.

 Call now to learn more – 323-461-3741.

“TSA has established a multi-dimensional strategy to reconcile the requirements of the mandate, the security needs of passengers, and the needs of a U.S. economy that relies on an air cargo industry.

This multi-dimensional strategy employs a layered approach of vetting and screening activities to address cargo shipments, conveyances, facilities, and persons involved in the air cargo supply chain.” — website