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Ensuring That Your Legal Documents are Couriered Safely

For thirty years, Classic Couriers has been the courier company of choice for Hollywood’s largest film and television studios. Now, Classic Legal Services offers court filings, service of process, and many other legal services with the same level of integrity and confidentiality.

Our company is driven by highly motivated employees dedicated to giving you the best service, on time, and to your exact instructions. We’ve assembled a winning team, comprised of the industry’s most respected and experienced managers.

We provide the following services:

  • Court Filings
  • PDF/FAX Filings
  • Courtesy Copy Preparation and Delivery
  • Court Research
  • Archive Document Retrieval
  • Service of Process/Skip Tracing/Locate Services
  • Ground Courier/Messenger
  • Mobile Notary
  • Document Recording
  • Forwarding Services in All of California Counties and Nationwide
  • Daily Route Pickup

We can provide these services on a special, rush, or regular time frame, in addition to our daily route pickup from your office.

Our website provides secure access

To your account for online order placing, order tracking, and invoice reports. It’s easy to use; just go to, click the “Legal Login Button,“ then enter your account number, username, and password. You can receive the status of your assignment via email every step of the way if you like.

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